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Why Overwatch Reddit?

The Overwatch Reddit has lots of relevant news and ideas around Overwatch. Duh. It’s Reddit. You can find all the latest upvoted and relevant content at the main Overwatch Reddit, or the also popular Overwatch Console Reddit. Although this may be true, if everyone is combing Reddit for news, how will you ever get ahead of your competitors? You can do better. As a competitive Overwatch player it is YOUR MORAL IMPERATIVE, YOU MUST DO BETTER!! So we’ve lined up 3 awesome Overwatch resources you should definitely check out.

1. Blizzard

From time to time, there is no better place for information than the creator of the game! These forums are a gold mine for current, relevant information about Overwatch. Looking for the latest breaking Overwatch news? At the same time, keep an eye on the Blizzard Overwatch press releases. Other outlets are just reporting on what they find in these press releases.

2. Youtube

It is important to realize that the best resources will be the resources that work for you personally. After all, if you are a visual/video learner, Youtube may be your best resource.  So rather than list out a bunch of channels that will be out date in no time, has a very handy live list. Be sure to check them out here.


But if you want to learn about local Overwatch players and events, BATTLEMAPS! is THE PLACE to go. Numerous studies have shown that player locality is the number one differentiator to esports team performance. This is why professional teams all gather in player houses. We help you find the local players near you so you can groom your team, then help you find the competitions and clubs near you so you can climb the ladder.  The world is yours, start with your neighborhood. Register today!

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