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BATTLEMAPS! is a free subscription service that connects video game players.  Create an account, login, choose your location on the map, and then connect with other players and events in your area.

Today, when you play your favorite team-based game, there is a lobby or queue system that connects you with random players. Most of these players suck. They are often mismatched to your skill level, rude, quit at the worst possible moments, etc. On the rare occasion you find a quality team mate, there is a friends list you can use to connect with them later. But even then, these ‘game friends’ randomly disappear. This pattern has been around since the very first multiplayer games. There is a better way.

By connecting with local players on BATTLEMAPS!, you will build a team of players invested in helping the team succeed. Research has shown that people feel a greater sense of connection and responsibility to people in their physical lives compared to those connections made only on the internet. When you connect with local players on BATTLEMAPS!, you will have increased player turn-out for scheduled events, as well as practice. And when it’s time to celebrate big wins, you can even organize a local night out!

In addition to connecting you with other players, you will also discover all the cool esports events that happen in your area every weekend that you never hear about. We love esports, and it is very easy for us to miss major professional events that are in town. If we miss these events, how are the more casual fans supposed to find these events? And what about the millions of smaller esports events? BATTLEMAPS! makes it really easy to connect with these events. In addition, once your team is ready, you can start competing locally and even attend the professional events that come through town.

So whether you are looking to build the best team possible, or just find local esports events near you, register for BATTLEMAPS! today. The world is yours, start with your neighborhood.